• Brazil
  • July-September 2017

Brazil Salmo Plus Natural 2018

7 Reviews
$149.50 /65lb box
  • Flavor: Cocoa, Raisin, Strawberry
  • Body: Medium
  • Acidity: Mild
  • Process: Natural
  • Packaging: 65lb box
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PSS Cup Score: 83
PSS Date: Oct-17
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Salmo Plus Natural is a combination of coffees from five farms (fazendas) in two top-quality regions: Fazendas Lenheiros, Alcaan, Santa Barbara and Queixadas from Cerrado and Fazenda do Lobo from Sul de Minas. Ripe and raisin cherries (cherries left to dry on the tree) were mechanically harvested, sent to the washing station on the farm by tractors and were cleaned and separated by density (ripe to one side, raisin to the other). They were dried in the sun on cement patios and then put in mechanical driers to ensure an even result. After drying, they rested in wooden boxes for 30-plus days before being hulled and sent our sister company in Brazil, the coffee was reprocessed (sorted by screens and with color and density machines) and sealed in the container in our facility.


Region Cerrado and Sul de Minas

Altitude 920-1100


Ana Maria Menezes Mendonca, Andreia Galvao Nogueira, Celio Davi de Oliveira, Filomena Estefania de Mattos Gatti, and Maria das Gracas Silva


Red Catuai, Mundo Novo, Topazio, Acaia




July-September 2017

Ratings & Reviews

7 reviews


Espresso excellence!


I started using the Salmo in my espresso blend. It has beautiful chocolate and sweet notes. Total winner!

Don't Miss This One!


This coffee has a nice smooth and rich flavor. I roast and brew as a single origin. Great coffee you won't want to miss!

This one's a winner


Just tried our sample of Brazil Salmo and WOW! Heavy bodied and noticeably sweet cup. Milk chocolate and almond dominate with a very slight dried fruit tartness on the finish. Very smooth with only a slight bitter sweetness developing as the cup cools. I've tried a lot of coffee on this site and so far, this one's my favorite. On par with any Brazilian coffee I've sampled anywhere.

Good Value


Good quality, especially for the price. Nice taste at medium roast without a lot of bitterness.

Really bad coffee


The quality is bad. Even I got second bag still some issues. To many default!

An all around powerhouse!


We started off with just using this as a single origin offering, then it grew, we currently use it in blends as well as espresso in house. I absolutely LOVE this offering. It's a powerhouse on it's own or just an all around enhacer to any blends you might want to try.



4 stars for what it is. Compared to a $5.60/lb Natural Colombian...its a 2.5-3 star, but we're we're talking $2.30/lb here...this is good solid bean. Not generally a single origin Brazil fan, but this one has the nice cocoa body of a Brazil but with a fruity top end...and smooth as a full city+. It's been a fan favorite for those new to more lightly roasted coffees. That top 20% coffee elitist will like it, but won't be blown away. I'm a small roaster and on my second bag. I'm planning to use this bag as a base for a solid drip blend. Don't let the 2018 crop bother you...it roasted up very nicely! This will become a staple for me, so I hope when this 2018 crop runs dry, the 2019 will be very close in profile. If you call G.O., they will steer you to this bean for good reason. You CANNOT beat this bean for the price! Cheers!