• Costa Rica
  • Jan-March 2018

Costa Rica Tarrazu Hot Springs 2018

3 Reviews
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  • Flavor: Cocoa, Nutty, Stonefruit
  • Body: Light
  • Acidity: Mild
  • Process: Washed
  • Packaging: 65lb box
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PSS Cup Score: 82.75
PSS Date: Mar-18
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This coffee takes its name from a unique processing method that uses mineral-rich, volcanic spring water. This Tarrazú coffee starts with hand-picked cherries at the peak of ripeness. The cherries are delivered to the San Diego wet mill where they undergo a patented fermentation process with volcanic mineral water. During the fermentation process, the thermal spring water and wet parchment interact in a unique symbiosis. The hot water accelerates and enhances the mucilage removal resulting in a superior cup clarity. Additionally, the natural minerals present in the spring water get absorbed by the coffee bean. When roasted, the minerals and natural acids from the coffee create a wonderful and complex cup filled with the fruity flavors and spicy notes of pepper and black currant. Read more about the Hot Springs Process.


Region Tarrazu

Altitude 1200-1750


Various small producers


Caturra and Catuai




Jan-March 2018

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3 reviews

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Not to be missed!


Whatever they're doing down there in Costa Rica right now, they need to KEEP doing. They're truly on to some amazing coffees right now. Excellent offering right here. We did a two step roast/blend on this one, beans roasted to City and Dark to play off each other and bring a really balanced but powerful cup of coffee. Solid 4 out of 5 for this lot.

Soooo delicious at FC - FC+


I love this coffee! Lot's of chocolate at FC and FC +. The hot spring water process imparts a nuance I've never tasted in a Tarrazu. Awesome!

Medium-dark scores


Hot Springs works very well at a medium-dark roast or as a blend component. My customers loved it when I blended 50/50 medium and dark for my morning drip. I'm now working on an espresso blend.