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  • Oct-Dec '18

Kenya Kimaratia FCS AA 2019

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$372.45 /65lb box
  • Flavor: Black Currant, Black Tea, Lemon-Lime, Molasses
  • Body: Heavy
  • Acidity: Bright
  • Process: Washed
  • Moisture: 10.80%
  • Packaging: 65lb box
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PSS Cup Score: 87
PSS Date: Mar '19
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Kimaratia Farmers’ Cooperative Society (FCS) produced our Kimaratia AA microlot. This lot is an above 18 screen coffee comprised of SL28 and SL34 varietals.

Approximately 2200 small holders deliver coffee to the Kimaratia FCS. The F.C.S comprises of three wet mills: Gachika; Gitare; and Gichuka Factories.

Kimaratia F.C.S Ltd was formed in 1997 after splitting from Kiamwangi FCS. Coffee was first planted in Gitare sub-location in 1964. The three wet mills of Kimaratia FCS Ltd were built by the defunct Kiamwangi coffee growers which was by then the giant co-operative in the area. Gachika Factory is the oldest (1966), followed by Gitare (1974) and the latest is Gichuka (1985).

The Society has 511 hectares under cultivation. It is managed by 7 board members: 2 elected in each wet mill and one is rotational among the 3 wet mills. After every 3 years, a supervisory board of 3 members checks the activities of the management committee. Both committees report to the coop members in annual general meetings. The coop has 10 permanent staff who are headed by a Secretary Manager.

Kiambu County is located in the Central highlands of Kenya in the former Central Province sharing its borders with five other counties; Nakuru and Kajiado to the West, Murang'a and Nyandarua to the North and Nairobi to the South.

There are several theories that explain the origin of the name Kiambu; one theory suggests that it was derived from a prominent Kikuyu clan known as Mbari ya Mbuu who used to live next to the current day Kiambu town.


Region Kiambu County

Altitude 1500, 1750-1900


Kimaratia FCS


SL 28, SL 34




Oct-Dec '18

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