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Brazil Salmo Plus Natural NY 2/3 SCR 16+ 2021

$3.37/lb$219.05/65lb box
  • Flavor: Milk Chocolate, Granola, Raisin
  • Body: Medium
  • Acidity: Mild
  • Process: Natural
  • Moisture: 12.00%
  • Packaging: 65lb box
Cup Score: 83.75
Cupping Date: Dec '20
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1 – 2$219.05
3 – 4$215.80
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10 – 23$209.30
24 +$199.55

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About Salmo Plus Natural
Our Brazil Salmo Plus Natuiral is a blend of 100% Cerrado region coffees from 12 producers. The coffee was purchased at farm-gate and processed by Volcafe Santos, our sister company in Brazil, in their facility in Varginha, Minas Gerais.

In the Brazil the natural process means ripe and raisin cherries are collected, cleaned and separated by weight at washing stations. The pre-drying process occurs under the sun between 2 to 7 days or more (farmers favor full sun dried process whenever possible) and finalized in mechanical driers followed by 30 days of resting in wood boxes to homogenize the dry coffee.

1. Farm: São Pedro – farmer: Noriberto Ferraresi – town: Araguari – Minas Gerais state – sub region: Cerrado
2. Farm: Quilombo – farmer: Juscelino de Araujo – town: Araguari – Minas Gerais state – sub region: Cerrado
3. Farm: Tolardo – farmer: Valdemir Tolardo – town: Araguari – Minas Gerais state – sub region: Cerrado
4. Farm: Estiva – farmer: Marcelo Giolo – town: Araguai – Minas Gerais state – sub region: Cerrado
5. Farm: Fortaleza – farmer: Fernando Junqueira – town: Patos de Minas – Minas Gerais state - region: Cerrado
6. Farm: Lenheiros – farmer: Ana Maria Menezes Mendonça – town: Carmo do Paranaiba – Minas Gerais state – sub region: Cerrado
7. Farm: Agua Limpa – farmer: Ricardo de Almeida Barcelos – town: Carmo do Paranaiba – Minas Gerais state – sub region: Cerrado
8. Farm: Regional I – farmer: Rogério Machado Arantes – town: Serra do Salitre – Minas Gerais state – sub region: Cerrado
9. Farm: Castelhana – farmer: Acácio Dianin – town: Monte Carmelo – Minas Gerais state – sub region: Cerrado
10. Farm: Paraiso – farmer: Rodrigo Ribeiro de Araújo – town: São Gotardo – Minas Gerais state – sub region: Cerrado
11. Farm: Congonhas – farmer: Agropecuária Congonhas – Town: Ibia – Minas Gerais state – sub region: Cerrado
12. Farm: Vereda Grande – farmer: João Marcos Sanches – Town: Presidente Olegario – Minas Gerais state – sub region: Cerrado

The Cerrado Region
Cerrado is a relatively new region for coffee production. Located in the northwest of Minas Gerais state, Cerrado is a large plateau where predominant topography is flat to slightly wavy. The altitude varies from 900 to 1250 meters above sea level.

The combination of well-defined seasons, abundant sunlight throughout the year, advanced farming techniques and entrepreneurial spirit forged the pillars that sustain Cerrado as we know it today.

Cerrado is also one of the most biodiverse and complex regions on earth. The area is home to roughly 5% of all species on earth.

Tasting Notes
Like many traditional Brazil coffees, Salmo offers sweet nuttiness as a throughline. Roasted hazelnut butter is primary in the aroma, backed up by notes of date and rich milk chocolate. There’s also a subtle spice, like a floral pink peppercorn. Mouthfeel is crisp and velvety, and acidity is mild. Best of all, Salmo is consistent making it an ideal base component in house blends that you aren’t looking to constantly revisit.

Origin Report
There’s a 1-in-3 chance the coffee in your cup is from Brazil. It’s a huge country with a staggering coffee export — over 33% percent of the world’s coffee supply comes out of Brazil — and that doesn’t include the coffee they keep to drink themselves. Brazil has been at the top of the coffee export chain since the early 1800s when coffee farming overtook sugarcane as a cash crop. Read the Brazil Green Coffee Origin Report


Region Cerrado Mineiro

Altitude 1200


12 Producers - See Coffee Background


Mundo Novo, Catuai Red and Yellow, Topazio, Catucai, Acaia




July - Sept 2020