• Guatemala
  • December - March

Guatemala La Morena 2021

$4.38/lb$284.70/65lb box
  • Flavor: Milk Chocolate, Nougat, Red Fruit, Almond, Black Cherry
  • Body: Medium
  • Acidity: Medium
  • Process: Washed
  • Moisture: 11.90%
  • Packaging: 65lb box
Cup Score: 86.25
Cupping Date: Mar '21
QuantityBox Price
1 – 2$284.70
3 – 4$281.45
5 – 9$278.20
10 – 23$274.95
24 +$265.20

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About the Coffee
In Guatemala, gender equality remains a challenge, and coffee has long been a male-dominated industry. These factors have made it incredibly difficult for women to compete and thrive in the coffee world. That's why we are thrilled to offer La Morena as a platform to showcase the work of women farmers across Guatemala.

Genuine Origin started the La Morena program in 2016 with Volcafe Guatemala, its sister company in Guatemala. The first lot featured coffee from four producers in 32 boxes (roughly - 2,000 lbs). Four years later, we are proud to be importing a container (over 40,000 lbs) of La Morena featuring coffee from 23 woman-owned farms.

Download the Volcafe Way productivity report.

Participating Producers and Farm Names

  • Floridalma Perez Lopez, Finca Ambrocio
  • Guillermina Villatoro Monzon, Finca Los Alisos
  • Adilia Carmela Martinez Mendoza, Finca Zacnicte
  • Dalia Carlota Villatoro Herrera, Finca Los Pinos
  • Imelda Castillo Villatoro, Finca El Zacatonal
  • Ana Francisca Villatoro Villatoro, Finca La Rosa
  • Gloria Magnolia Sales Gabriel De Jerónimo, Finca Magnolia
  • Blanca Elena Villatoro San Jose De Lopez, Finca Peniel
  • Dora Marina Vásquez Ambrosio, Finca Tuj Xboch
  • Ermita Esteban Díaz, Finca Toj Xmayel
  • Maria Lucinda Lopez Domingo, Finca Maria
  • Dora Marina Vásquez Ambrosio, Finca El Edén Ii
  • Yuris Yojana Villatoro Herrera, Finca El Rio
  • Norma Elizabeth Hernández López, Finca Ojo De Agua
  • Maria Santos Reynoso Chun, Finca El Recuerdo
  • Oralia López Villatoro, Finca Buenos Aires
  • Floridalma Carrillo Cifuentes, Finca El Matazano
  • Sara Elizabeth Lopez, Finca El Crucero
  • Maria Teresa Alvarado Villatoro, Finca Txoxel Melaj
  • Maria Carmelina Ramos Garcia, Finca El Campo
  • Flora Ramos Garcia, Finca El Campo
  • Julieta Aleida Herrera Laparra, Finca Julieta
  • Mariela Villatoro San José, Finca Las Orquideas

Origin Report
Guatemala owes its distinctive, mountainous topography, lush rain forests, biodiversity and its coffee to massive volcanic activity. Volcanic peaks and mountains roll across the country and carve out Guatemala’s unique coffee growing regions. The mountain ranges help to create the country’s unique micro-climates. Together with the rich soil left behind in the wake of immense volcanic activity, Guatemala has the ideal conditions for coffee production. Learn more in our Guatemala Origin Report.


Region Huehuetenango

Altitude 1200-1600


23 Female Farmers


Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai




December - March