• Papua New Guinea
  • March - August '18

PNG Kiam Mill 2019

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$161.20 /65lb box
  • Flavor: Green tea, cane sugar, caramel, dark fruit
  • Body: Medium
  • Acidity: Medium
  • Process: Washed and sun dried
  • Moisture: 12%
  • Packaging: 65lb box
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PSS Cup Score: 84
PSS Date: Sept '18
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Our Kiam community lot comes from producer Paul Pora of the Jiwaka Province. Paul is not your average PNG producer; he holds a degrees in Agriculture and Agricultural Breeding. Before becoming a producer himself, he worked with the Coffee Research Institute, in Papua New Guinea.

The cherry used at the Kiam Mill is extremely selective and only ripe ‘picked on the day’ cherry is purchased. Cherry is either collected from regular farms and brought to the mill or is delivered to the wet mill by a regular supply chain of farmers.

All the cherry is pulped, washed, soaked and sun dried to 11 percent moisture content. The coffee is then stored as parchment for transportation to our central processing mill in Goroka, approximately 120 miles away in the Eastern Highlands Province, where it’s hulled for shipment. To preserve quality, the coffee stays in the highlands — where it’s far less humid — and is transported another 200 miles by road to the port city of Lae, only just in time to meet the vessel.


Region Jiwaka Province

Altitude 1650


Paul Pora


Typica, Bourbon, Arusha


Washed and sun dried


March - August '18

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6 reviews

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Ideal afternoon study coffee!


Don’t be alarmed as you roast this seed! You’ll smell some fairly odd aromas at the beginning of the roast. But if you hold out and develop your roast into second crack, you’ll find a very inviting and familiar coffee! It has a rich, herbal, caramel flavor with a strong earthy presence. Medium to full body ( when drip brewed) with a lingering finish. It’s the ideal afternoon study coffee!

Pleasant Surprise


First roast was to Full City Plus, first brew was day three French Press.
<br>Wow! I'd call it closer to full bodied with pronounced cane sugar and chocolate (or maybe caramel, I get confused). The intense, bold flavors forced me to add this to my list of favorites. Can't wait to try other roasts.
<br>A real bargain at this price.



We finally had the chance to pull some shots of this coffee through the espresso machine and it did not disappoint!!
<br> It has a beautiful, rich crema, with a solid body and strong roasty, dark chocolate notes with a moderately clean finish.
<br> We roasted it into a rolling second crack( to where you start seeing the tiniest HINT of sheen)

Light Roast - spot on tasting profile


I roast this very light and the Green Tea flavor is so pronounced that your palette is confused to whether of not you are drinking coffee of Tea. It is very popular in our shop.

Dark Roast or Blended


Doesn't compare to the Guatemala Huehuetenango that I've been roasting for the past 10 months, but has it's place at our roastery I believe. We've been blending a light and dark roast as a cold brew blend, and it seems to shine. It should be suitable for a single origin dark roast as well. Not complex enough for our medium roast I'm afraid.

Delightful nuttiness.


Better than expected. Very small peaberry like in size. French press worthy. Nutty and caramel like with a thick texture in the cup. Plenty of caffeine as well. Aroma while roasting was very earthy. In the cup the aroma is fruity and very inviting. Will probably buy it again.