• Tanzania
  • September-December 2016

Tanzania-Uru North

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$212.55 /65lb
  • Flavor: Dark chocolate, blackberry and caramel notes.
  • Body: Full, caramel-like
  • Acidity: Sparkling
  • Process: Home processed; washed and sun dried
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This coffee was produced by farmer members of the Uru North Cooperative. Members de-pulp their coffee cherry at home, using hand-made pulping machines, and then wash them in buckets and dry them in the sun. Uru North is a cooperative venture that was formed in the 1990s, combining three smaller cooperatives from the Moshi Rural district that came together in the 1960s. Today, Uru North represents approximately 375 farmer members and is managed by seven board members producers from the group who are elected every three years. The cooperative also owns an estimated 30 hectares, which it leases to a local coffee estate. Uru North farmers are very traditional farmers of the local Chagga tribe, who are renown for being good business men. Their farms are nearly always owned by the eldest male in the family, and the land and their traditional practices are passed down through the generations.


Region Kilimanjaro

Altitude 1400–1800


Approximately 375 from the Uru North Cooperative


Bourbon, Kent and Nyasa


Home processed; washed and sun dried


September-December 2016

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