Colombia Green Coffee Beans

Colombia green coffee beans are produced mainly by small family-owned farms that dot Colombia’s mountain ranges. With two harvest periods, and an incredible array of microclimates, it is little wonder that Colombia is the third largest producer of unroasted coffee in the world.

Colombia’s vast rainforests, sprawling savannas, and its topography make it ideal for producing a diverse mix of premium Arabica green coffee beans. Genuine Origin typically sources green coffee beans from its sister company and partners in Colombia. While we carry unroasted green coffees from a number of Colombia’s coffee-growing regions, our areas of focus are Huila, Nariño, Cauca, and Antioquia.

13 Coffees

Colombia Finca El Diviso Sidra Natural 2023
$11.74/lb$763.10/65lb box
Raspberry, White Grape, Berry, Kiwi, Passion Fruit, Apple, Tart
Cup Score: 88.75
Colombia Valle del Cauca Sugarcane Decaf 2023
$4.50/lb$292.50/65lb box
Milk Chocolate, Cane Sugar, Orange, Roasted Almond
Cup Score: 84.5
Colombia Huila El Tiple Excelso 2022
$4.25/lb$276.25/65lb box
Bittersweet Chocolate, Caramel, Almond, Citrus
Cup Score: 84
Colombia Cauca Juan Tama Washed Excelso 2023
$4.50/lb$292.50/65lb box
Nectarine, Brown Sugar, Apple, Grapefruit
Cup Score: 85.5
Colombia ASOBOMBO Organic Huila EP 2023
$4.64/lb$301.60/65lb box
Pear, White Grape, Citrus, Juicy
Cup Score: 85.5
Colombia Huila El Tiple Supremo EP 2022
$4.35/lb$282.75/65lb box
Chocolate, Black Cherry, Brown Sugar, Roasted Almond
Cup Score: 84.25
Colombia Organic Narino Alianza EP 2023
$4.59/lb$298.35/65lb box
Roasted Almond, Cane Sugar, Citrus Zest
Cup Score: 84.5
Colombia Finca Las Flores Red Bourbon Natural 2023
$10.74/lb$698.10/65lb box
Strawberry, Raspberry, Dragonfruit, Papaya, Pineapple, Banana, Tangy
Cup Score: 88.5
Colombia El Pital Yellow Bourbon 2023
$6.34/lb$412.10/65lb box
Caramel, Pear, Vanilla, Green Tea, Lime
Cup Score: 87.5
Colombia Antioquia RFA Organic Excelso EP 2022
$4.60/lb$299/65lb box
Milk Chocolate, Caramel, Dried Cherry, Grape, Orange
Cup Score: 85
Colombia Huila Oporapa Rossembert Parra 2022
$6.55/lb$425.75/65lb box
Apple, Honey, Citrus, Pear
Cup Score: 88.25
Colombia Huila Garzon Mitaca Excelso 2022
$4.30/lb$279.50/65lb box
Bittersweet Chocolate, Caramel, Cherry, Almond
Cup Score: 85.5
Colombia Valle del Cauca Sugarcane Decaf 2022
$4.45/lb$289.25/65lb box
Chocolate, Dried Fruit, Graham Cracker
Cup Score: 84