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Our Team

  • Rich Futrell, Sales Lead and Midwest Sales

    A Chicago native, I spent my college years in the late 1980s learning about coffee by frequenting coffeehouses all over the city and upper Midwest. Inspired by the unique café atmospheres and the exotic origin stories of the coffees, I moved to North Carolina, opened a coffeehouse of my own, and began my now decades-long career in coffee.

    My 10 years as a shop owner (The Third Place Coffeehouse in Raleigh, still open today) and 11+ years as a manager for Durham-based Counter Culture Coffee prepared me for my current role at Genuine Origin. I love working with roasters and helping to piece together the puzzle of green coffee sourcing, usage, roasting, preparation, marketing and final prep to the wholesale or resale customer. Coffee is a remarkable journey, and I’ve never been as inspired as I am now. Roasters, feel free to call me directly (773-999-3675) I love talking coffee and sharing ideas!

  • Jen Hurd - West Coast Sales

    I’ve spent nearly 20 years in the coffee industry and continue to be hungry to learn more and teach others. I’ve spent years as a barista, retail manager, sales manager for a roaster, and as a consultant and trainer — and I’m committed to building community through coffee. I’m also inspired by the industry’s passion, growth and the need to continue to evolve. I also love spending time with my husband and our three cats at our home in Portland.