In the land of the Incas, in the thin air of the Andean peaks, coffee matures slowly and sugars settle deep, producing incredibly sweet beans, punctuated by a sparkling acidity that’s a signature of Peru. Coffees here are generally shade grown; selectively harvested, with a complete harvest sometimes requiring five passes; and pulped, fermented and processed in artisanal wet mills on the farms. Prodelsur, our sister company in Peru, focuses on three regions for us: the rugged, remote Satipo, in the south; and Chontali and Santo Domingo de la Capilla in the northwest.

1 Coffee

Peru Organic Minca G1 Washed 2024
$4.62/lb$300.30/65lb box
Dark Chocolate, Roasted Almond, Clementine, Green Apple, Raisin
Cup Score: 84.25