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Genuine Origin Packaging

We sell green coffee in 65-pound boxes that include a sealed bag. In nearly all cases, these bags are packed and sealed at origin and opened only by you.

In 2018, we started shipping coffee from origin in three ways: in 65lb boxes, in 65lb jute bags lined with food-grade liners and 65lb GO Green bags. When coffee is shipped from origin from boxes, it lands in our warehouse and we ship it to our customers. When it ships in jute, we take the food-grade liner bag from the jute and place it in a Genuine Origin box. When coffee ships in GO Green bags, we simply place the GO Green bag in a box. In all three cases, the coffee is sealed at origin.

Made from polypropylene, our GO Green bags are as easy to stack as boxes—and even easier to carry, since they include handles on both ends, making it possible to carry them horizontally. They’re tear-proof, weather-proof and feature a bag-in-bag technology that seals the coffee in a food-grade lining. Like our boxes, they come with a registered, unbroken seal, so that you know the coffee you’re getting is the coffee you ordered. They’re also 100% recyclable, but — with their sturdy, cute green handles — we hope you’ll want to upcycle them instead!