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24 Coffees

Brazil Jazblu Peaberry NY 2/3 SCR 10/11 2022
$3.76/lb$244.40/65lb box
Dark Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Cola, Red Apple, Walnut
Cup Score: 83.75
Brazil Espirito Santo Semi Washed Immigrantes NY2/3 SSFC 16+ 2022
$3.65/lb$237.25/65lb box
Cocoa Powder, Red Apple, Roasted Almond
Cup Score: 84
Brazil Fazenda Sete Cachoeiras Amazon Conservation Natural 2022
$3.95/lb$256.75/65lb box
Cocoa, Nougat, Red Apple, Citrus
Cup Score: 83.75
Brazil Fazenda Bela Vista Yellow Bourbon Pulped Natural 2022
$3.85/lb$250.25/65lb box
Milk Chocolate, Nougat, Raisin, Roasted Almond
Cup Score: 84
Brazil MC Decaf NY 2/3 Scr 14/16 2021
$4.05/lb$263.25/65lb box
Cocoa Powder, Orange, Clove, Pipe Tobacco
Cup Score: 82
Colombia Huila Oporapa Rossembert Parra 2022
$6.55/lb$425.75/65lb box
Apple, Honey, Citrus, Pear
Cup Score: 88.25
Colombia Viejo Caldas Sugarcane Decaf 2021
$4.32/lb$280.80/65lb box
Chocolate, Cola, Raisin, Brown Spice
Cup Score: 83.5
Costa Rica Cordillera de Fuego Anaerobic 2022
$7.35/lb$477.75/65lb box
Cinnamon, Hibiscus, Papaya, Plum, Raspberry
Cup Score: 88
Costa Rica Naranjo de Dota 2022
$5.49/lb$356.85/65lb box
Milk Chocolate, Caramel, Orange, Praline
Cup Score: 86.5
Costa Rica Cordillera del Jaguar Anaerobic Honey Blend 2022
$6.50/lb$422.50/65lb box
Plum, Apple, Berry, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon, Cola, Tropical Fruit
Cup Score: 86.5
El Salvador Sonsonate Cooperativa La Majada SHG EP 2022
$4.37/lb$284.05/65lb box
Almond, Cane Sugar, Citrus
Cup Score: 83.75
El Salvador Santa Ana Washed SHG EP 2022
$4.17/lb$271.05/65lb box
Cocoa Powder, Roasted Almond, Fruity, Sweet
Cup Score: 83
Ethiopia Guji G2 Organic Allono Washing Station Natural 2021
$4.72/lb$306.80/65lb box
Blueberry, Cane Sugar, Rose, Lemon, Peach
Cup Score: 86
Ethiopia Guji Kercha G2 Natural 2021
$4.79/lb$311.35/65lb box
Strawberry, Vanilla, Floral, Rose
Cup Score: 86
Guatemala Baja Verapaz Cubulco 2022
$4.46/lb$289.90/65lb box
Cocoa Powder, Citrus, Roasted Almond, Cane Sugar
Cup Score: 84.75
Guatemala Huehuetenango Organic SHB EP 2022
$4.61/lb$299.65/65lb box
Dark Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Blackberry
Cup Score: 85
Guatemala Mario Jordan Pacamara Washed SHP/EP 2022
$5.67/lb$368.55/65lb box
Tropical Fruit, Vanilla, Citrus Fruit, Juicy
Cup Score: 84.75
Kenya Lenana AB Plus 2022
$5.95/lb$386.75/65lb box
Chocolate, Black Cherry, Brown Sugar, Raisin, Vanilla
Cup Score: 86.5
Nicaragua La Bastilla Coffee Estates RFA Honey 2022
$4.45/lb$289.25/65lb box
Red Grape, Citrus, Honey
Cup Score: 84
Nicaragua La Bastilla Coffee Estates H3 Hybrid Washed 2022
$4.40/lb$286/65lb box
Cocoa, Dried Fruit, Hazelnut, Green Grape
Cup Score: 84
Papua New Guinea Lahamenegu PB 2021
$4.67/lb$303.55/65lb box
Dark Chocolate, Dried Fruit, Green Tea
Cup Score: 84.5
Peru Cajamarca Chasqui G1 SHB/EP 2022
$4.35/lb$282.75/65lb box
Dark Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Granola, Red Apple
Cup Score: 84.5
Uganda Rwenzori Washed 2022
$4.75/lb$308.75/65lb box
Dark Chocolate, Dried Fruit, Stone Fruit, Citrus
Cup Score: 84.25
Uganda Rwenzori Natural 2022
$4.49/lb$291.85/65lb box
Berry, Blackberry, Brown Sugar, Caramel, Plum, Merlot
Cup Score: 85.75