Guatemala’s mountains rise more than 4,000 meters above sea level, and its varied terroir produces eight distinct types of Arabica. We’re proud to offer the best from three of our favorite regions: Huehuetenango, a non-volcanic area with ideal microclimates and uniform rains; San Antonio, where warm days are followed by cools nights that slow bean maturation and encourage a sweet, rich dark-chocolate profile; and Cubulco, where smallholders on the steep, nutrient-rich slopes of the Chuacus mountains produce coffees with distinctively floral aromas, full bodies and bright acidities.

8 Coffees

Guatemala Huehuetenango SHB/EP 2022
$4.46/lb$289.90/65lb box
Bittersweet Chocolate, Red Apple, Brown Sugar
Cup Score: 84.75
Guatemala Baja Verapaz Cubulco 2022
$4.46/lb$289.90/65lb box
Cocoa Powder, Citrus, Roasted Almond, Cane Sugar
Cup Score: 84.75
Guatemala Huehuetenango Organic SHB EP 2022
$4.61/lb$299.65/65lb box
Dark Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Blackberry
Cup Score: 85
Guatemala Huehuetenango Los Huipiles SHB 2022
$4.50/lb$292.50/65lb box
Milk Chocolate, Cane Sugar, Citrus, Dried Fruit, Pear
Cup Score: 85.25
Guatemala Mario Jordan Pacamara Washed SHP/EP 2022
$5.67/lb$368.55/65lb box
Tropical Fruit, Vanilla, Citrus Fruit, Juicy
Cup Score: 84.75
Guatemala La Morena Huehuetenango SHB 2022
$4.60/lb$299/65lb box
Bittersweet Chocolate, Berry, Roasted Almond
Cup Score: 84.75
Guatemala La Morena Cubulco FSHB 2022
$4.65/lb$302.25/65lb box
Dark Chocolate, Cane Sugar, Citrus
Cup Score: 85
Guatemala Huehuetenango SHB Fancy 2022
$4.35/lb$282.75/65lb box
Raspberry, Cane Sugar, Green Apple
Cup Score: 85.5