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Making specialty green coffee accessible for coffee roasters

  • Running a coffee roastery is exciting! There are so many opportunities to discover and share fantastic coffee every season, but stocking up on a steady supply of green coffee can be a challenge without the right sourcing partner.

    Enter Genuine Origin. We're an importer built for the 21st Century. We bring traceable specialty coffee from top quality producers to your fingertips. Coffee roasters can shop online and enjoy a streamlined coffee buying experience and tailored level of service that used to be reserved for a select few.

  • Always direct, dependable, and on-demand

    Our expertise is getting you the green coffee you want, when you need it. Roasters can effortlessly buy our manageable 65lb boxes of green coffee online with transparent, set prices.

    There are no complicated contracts, no minimums, and no storage fees. Plus, shipping is totally FREE on All orders in the continental US!

  • Connecting roasters with outstanding producers

    GO is part of a vast network of green coffee exporters based in origins around the world who follow rigorous quality control procedures at every stage of production. For us, sustainability doesn't stop with responsible practices in the sourcing process; it includes the ethical considerations of working with tens of thousands of producers year-round to improve their productivity and profitability.

    The Volcafe Way is our farmer support strategy that trains producers in good farm practices and helps them make the best long-term use of their land for future generations. We have field support teams on the ground every day, providing technical assistance, managing risks, and gathering data for measurable results in quality and productivity improvements.

    Prioritizing coffee farming as a genuinely sustainable business is at the heart of our coffee offering, and it is reflected in the level of coffee quality we bring to coffee roasters. We're all about setting our partners up for success - that includes everyone from roots to roaster!