Political unrest, natural disasters and warfare hindered the economic progress of Nicaragua, Central America's largest country, for years. Now, thanks to improving conditions and enterprising producers, Nicaragua is beginning achieve its potential as a strong, specialty-coffee origin. The country's diverse micro-climates, advances in cultivation and a commitment to higher quality standards are contributing to the growing success of Nicaraguan farmers.

6 Coffees

Nicaragua La Bastilla Natural SHG/EP 2023
$4.65/lb$302.25/65lb box
Grape, Hibiscus, Dark Chocolate, Brown Spice, Rose Hips
Cup Score: 86.25
Nicaragua Jinotega Marimba SHG/EP 2023
$3.95/lb$256.75/65lb box
Milk Chocolate, Roasted Peanuts, Citrus
Cup Score: 83.5
Nicaragua La Bastilla Java Washed SHG/EP 2023
$5.50/lb$357.50/65lb box
Bittersweet Chocolate, Cane Sugar, Cardamom, Lemongrass, Lime
Cup Score: 85.25
Nicaragua La Bastilla H3 Hybrid Washed SHG/EP 2023
$4.35/lb$282.75/65lb box
Chocolate, Hazelnut, Apple, Green Tea
Cup Score: 84.75
Nicaragua La Bastilla Geisha Washed SHG/EP 2023
$10.10/lb$656.50/65lb box
Jasmine, Honeysuckle, Melon, Plum, Red Currant
Cup Score: 88
Nicaragua La Bastilla Coffee Estates Natural 2022
$4.40/lb$286/65lb box
Berry, Dark Chocolate, Melon
Cup Score: 84.5