The highest point in Africa is the summit of Tanzania’s Mt. Kilimanjaro. This magnificent country — the largest in East Africa — shares a border with Kenya, though coffee was first planted here in 1898, by way of Ethiopia. Tanzania’s vast and varied terroir is ideal for cultivating high-quality Arabicas. Coffees from the Kilimanjaro region tend to be full-bodied, with chocolate and caramel notes, while Mbeya boasts unique orange and lemon citrus notes and the Karatu region is celebrated for its distinctively blueberry and blackberry cup profiles.

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Tanzania Mbeya Iyenga Mwalyego Itumpi Washed 2022
$4.49/lb$291.85/65lb box
Dark Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Plum, Tropical Fruit, Black Tea
Cup Score: 85.25
Tanzania Mbeya Mwangoka Farm Natural 2022
$4.55/lb$295.75/65lb box
Dark Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Red Currant, Pipe Tobacco
Cup Score: 84.25
Tanzania Iyenga Mwalyego Itumpi AB Plus 2022
$4.49/lb$291.85/65lb box
Dark Chocolate, Plum, Brown Spice, Black Tea
Cup Score: 85.5

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