Mission Coffees

Mission-based Green Coffees

Green coffee is labor intensive. It takes many hands to make every cup of coffee a reality, but some coffees go the extra mile. In our selection of mission-driven, green coffee beans, coffee roasters will find coffees from women coffee growers who are combating gender equity prejudices, coffees that help to protect local wildlife, coffees grown using sustainable practices and more . Stock up on these sustainable green coffee beans and make a difference with every roast.

10 Coffees

Costa Rica Tarrazú San Diego Jaguar Honey SHB EP 2023
$4.83/lb$313.95/65lb box
Raspberry, Plum, Almond, Clementine, Honey
Cup Score: 85
Costa Rica Tica Linda Honey Women Producers SHB 2023
$4.95/lb$321.75/65lb box
Cocoa Powder, Star Fruit, Chamomile, Citrus
Cup Score: 85
Costa Rica Pérez Zeledón Washed SHB/EP 2023
$4.67/lb$303.55/65lb box
Milk Chocolate, Fruity, Citrus
Cup Score: 84
Guatemala La Morena Huehuetenango FSHB 2023
$4.65/lb$302.25/65lb box
Milk Chocolate, Plum, Brown Sugar, Dried Cherry
Cup Score: 85
Guatemala Huehuetenango Candelaria SHB EP 2023
$4.47/lb$290.55/65lb box
Milk Chocolate, Caramel, Roasted Almond
Cup Score: 84
Honduras Reserva Guama Danta Organic SHG/EP Fancy 2023
$4.35/lb$282.75/65lb box
Almond, Cane Sugar, Nougat, Green Apple
Cup Score: 84.75
Honduras Reserva Pacavita Organic SHG/EP Fancy 2023
$4.30/lb$279.50/65lb box
Bittersweet Chocolate, Brown Spice, Golden Raisin, Vanilla
Cup Score: 85
Mexico Chiapas Café de Mujeres Semi-Washed SHG/EP 2023
$4.65/lb$302.25/65lb box
Roasted Hazelnut, Golden Raisin, Star Fruit, Citrus, Black Tea
Cup Score: 85.25
Tanzania Songwe Hezya Peaberry Plus 2023
$4.44/lb$288.60/65lb box
Chocolate, Passion Fruit, Tea-like
Cup Score: 84.25
Tanzania Songwe Hezya AB Plus 2023
$4.24/lb$275.60/65lb box
Chocolate, Plum
Cup Score: 83.5