Brazil grows more than a third of the world’s coffee, including more Arabica than any other country. It’s nearly as large as the United States, and its varied landscapes, dramatic microclimates and well-defined seasons — hot and rainy summers that give way to cool, dry winters — are keys to its production of high-end Arabica. Through Volcafe Brazil, our sister company, we’re able to source coffees that are fully traceable, selectively harvested and exemplify the variety of flavors Brazil is capable of.

8 Coffees

Brazil Salmo Plus Natural 2/3 Scr 16+ SSFC 2024
$3.83/lb$248.95/65lb box
Milk Chocolate, Raisin, Roasted Peanuts
Cup Score: 83.5
Brazil Mata de Minas Pulped Natural NY2/3 SC 17/18 SSFC 2024
$3.80/lb$247/65lb box
Bakers Chocolate, Mandarin Orange, Roasted Almond
Cup Score: 83.75
Brazil Jazblu Peaberry NY 2/3 Scr 10/11 2024
$3.89/lb$252.85/65lb box
Dark Chocolate, Dried Fruit, Black Currant, Molasses
Cup Score: 83.5
Brazil Cerrado Natural 17/18 2024
$3.92/lb$254.80/65lb box
Dark Chocolate, Red Currant, Citrus, Nutty
Cup Score: 83.5
Brazil Guaxupé Semi-Washed MTGB SSFC 14/16 2024
$3.69/lb$239.85/65lb box
Dark Chocolate, Citrus, Roasted Hazelnut
Cup Score: 83.5
Brazil Espirito Santo Immigrantes Semi-Washed NY2/3 SC 16+ 2024
$3.70/lb$240.50/65lb box
Cocoa Powder, Citrus, Nougat, Plum
Cup Score: 83.75
Brazil Fazenda Sete Cachoeiras Semi-Washed NY 2/3 Scr 15+ FC 2023
$3.85/lb$250.25/65lb box
Cocoa Powder, Citrus, Floral
Cup Score: 84.75
Brazil Guaxupé Semi-Washed MTGB SSFC 2024
$3.69/lb$239.85/65lb box
Golden Raisin, Granola, Molasses, Roasted Hazelnut
Cup Score: 83.75