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Brazil Fazenda Cachoeira Paraiso Natural NY 2/3 Scr 16+ FC 2023

$4.10/lb$266.50/65lb box
  • Flavor: Strawberry, Cane Sugar, Hazelnut
  • Body: Light
  • Acidity: Bright
  • Process: Natural
  • Moisture: 10.60%
  • Packaging: 65lb box
Cup Score: 86.5
Cupping Date: June '23

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Brazil Green Coffee Beans | Fazenda Cachoeira Paraiso

The Barbosa family has owned and operated Fazenda Cachoeira Paraiso in Carmo do Paranaíba since the 1900s. The estate is approaching a new era with the fifth generation of Barbosa producers. Danilo Barbosa works with his sons Vitor Marcelo and Sérgio Ricardo to continue producing and supplying outstanding coffees. Together, the family works with their extended team to cultivate 490 hectares of coffee farmland and over 186 hectares of nature reservation.

The Barbosa family has always concentrated its efforts on improving production, management, agriculture technologies, and nature conservation. From the curation of viable varietals to the moment of harvest and then to processing and transport, they closely maintain high standards strengthened by generations of expertise in quality control and innovation.

Coffee from Cerrado Mineiro

Cerrado Mineiro, or Cerrado de Minas, is the only region with Designation of Origin status. At an altitude of 800 to 1,300masl, the region enjoys temperatures ranging from 65 to 73ºF. Medium- to large-size farms are located throughout 55 municipalities, some with a few hundred acres all the way to large estates.

Natural Process Unroasted Coffee Beans

It’s always sunny in Cerrado. With its ample sunlight Brazil often relies on the natural process to manage vast quantities of harvested cherries. The pre-drying process occurs under the sun for 2 to 7 days or more (farmers favor full sun-dried coffee processing whenever possible) and is finalized in mechanical driers, followed by 30 days of resting in wood boxes to homogenize the dry coffee.

Brazil Coffee Quality

This coffee has the designation: NY 2/3. This quality standard assures no more than 8-12 visible defects in a 300-gram sample, which should minimize any negative impact on the cup quality. The coffee beans were also sorted through standardized screens to retain green coffee beans of size 16 or higher. Fine cup (FC) signifies a Specialty grade of 80 or above.

Brazilian Coffee

It’s hard to summarize a coffee origin like Brazil. The USDA forecasts Brazilian coffee production to be ~66.4 million 60-kg bags for the 23/24 coffee crop year. This staggering volume ensures that 1 in 3 cups of coffee are from Brazil.

Since the 1800s, Brazilian coffee has dominated the coffee trade. Brazil has been a top producer of both Arabica and Robusta coffee, with an immense range of flavor profiles and processing methods. Read more in the Brazil Green Coffee Origin Report.


Region Carmo do Paranaiba, Cerrado

Altitude 1100


Fazenda Cachoeira Paraiso, Danilo Barbosa






May - September