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  • May - September

Brazil Fazenda Sete Cachoeiras Semi-Washed NY 2/3 Scr 15+ FC 2023

$3.85/lb$250.25/65lb box
  • Flavor: Cocoa Powder, Citrus, Floral
  • Body: Light
  • Acidity: Medium
  • Process: Semi Washed
  • Moisture: 11.50%
  • Packaging: 65lb box
Cup Score: 84.75
Cupping Date: June '23

Fazenda Sete Cachoeiras | Brazilian Coffee Beans

Fazenda Sete Cachoeiras is named for the seven waterfalls that border the estate in Ribeirão. The farm was established in 1930 and modernized to expand and strengthen coffee quality and sustainable management. The expansive coffee estate includes 1120 hectares, of which 600 are populated with over two million coffee trees.

Agricultural innovations like cutting-edge irrigation technology give rise to uniform and regular crops. At the same time, certified quality management systems maintain high standards from cultivation to post-processing stages at Fazenda Sete Cachoeiras.

Sul de Minas Unroasted Coffee Beans

Minas Gerais produces more coffee as a region than any other country in the world and accounts for nearly half of Brazil’s total production. At altitudes range from 700 - 1,200 masl the Sul de Minas (South of Minas) enjoys an average temperature of 71ºF with rainy summers and dry winters. Farms here tend to be on the small side, with properties ranging from 10 to 100 hectares.

Brazil Semi-Washed Unroasted Coffee Beans

Semi-washing coffee involves fewer steps than the washed “wet” process. In the semi-washed method, the outer skin of the coffee cherries are removed mechanically removed. The coffee beans –with their mucilage attached – are stored. Following, the mucilage is washed off with water before the beans dried. Semi-washing coffee tends to reduce the acidity of the final coffee.

The Semi-Washed process is similar to (or the same as, depending on who you ask) the ‘pulped natural process’ and wet-hulling, as it is called in Indonesia.

Brazilian Coffee Quality

This coffee has the designation: NY 2/3 SSFC. This quality standard assures no more than 8-12 visible defects in a 300-gram sample, which should minimize any negative impact on the cup quality. Strictly Soft Fine Cup (SSFC) assures clean cups, smooth and sweet flavor, medium acidity and medium body. Free from hard or off flavors. Fine cup means a Specialty grade (80+).

Brazilian Coffee

It’s hard to summarize a coffee origin like Brazil. The USDA forecasts Brazilian coffee production to be ~66.4 million 60-kg bags for the 23/24 coffee crop year. This staggering volume ensures that 1 in 3 cups of coffee are from Brazil.

Since the 1800s, Brazilian coffee has dominated the coffee trade. Brazil has been a top producer of both Arabica and Robusta coffee, with an immense range of flavor profiles and processing methods. Read more in the Brazil Green Coffee Origin Report.


Region Campos Gerais, Sul de Minas

Altitude 900


Fazenda Sete Cachoeiras




Semi Washed


May - September