Genuine Origin is open for business. All team members are working remotely and are available via phone, email, text and chat. Our food-grade warehouses and UPS, our final mile delivery partner, have reported that operations are running well. Boxes are shipping normally and without delay; however, in order to comply with social distancing guidelines, samples will be fulfilled once per week.

In these uncertain times, we encourage roasters to manage cash flow carefully. Genuine Origin offers purchasing options designed to help your business. We have small quantities with no minimums, affordable and easy shipping, and the ability to set orders in the future to reserve coffee.

We recommend roasters consider the following key questions to help manage their inventory:

  • • How much coffee do you currently have in inventory? How much have you reserved for future delivery?
  • • How many SKUs do you currently carry and is it possible for you to streamline your inventory? If you have coffees that can work at various roast levels and function as single origin or blend components, it’s less to spend on your overall inventory.
  • • Which coffees are absolutely vital to your coffee program? Are they getting low? Is the GO inventory low? It’s a good opportunity to check out available quantities in case you want to reserve any for future shipment.
  • • Are you set for decaf? With both sugarcane and SWP available, 30kg/65lb boxes can be the perfect fit.
  • • The GO team can check on inventory specific to our two warehouses if you are in a pinch and need coffee ASAP.
  • • Check out a few of our blog posts for roasting and blending resources: Building a Single Origin Blend, Blends and Acidity.
  • • Are you set up to sell online? For local delivery? For curbside pickup? Check in on your website to see if these are easy plug-ins to add.

When in doubt, reach out to your regional GO contact. We’re always happy to help you review your portfolio and find the best coffees to fit. We’re here to support you during difficult times, and we’re excited to see you succeed.
Get in touch:
  • • East Coast Sales - Jay Vernaleken - t: 646-384-7756
  • • South Sales - Cyndi Chirco - t: 917-912-4074
  • • West Coast Sales - Jenifer Hurd - t: 206-295-4927
  • • Customer Service - t: 646-828-8585

A Note of Caution - Hacking and phishing attempts are on the rise as more of us work from home. Please be extra careful.