• DR Congo
  • March - June

DR Congo Organic Vughole Women's Group Kivu 3 Washed 2023

$5.03/lb$326.95/65lb box
  • Flavor: Dark Chocolate, Green Apple, Dried Plum, Nougat
  • Body: Medium
  • Acidity: Bright
  • Process: Washed
  • Moisture: 11.40%
  • Packaging: 65lb box
East Coast: 186 Boxes
Cup Score: 85.25
Cupping Date: Aug '23

DR Congo Vughole Women’s Group | Peace Coffee from DR Congo

The Coopade cooperative comprises over 4,500 smallholders with an average of just 0.37 hectares of land each. Over 1,700 of them are women. The cooperative operates 16 mini washing stations throughout the Lubero area, bordering the Virunga National Park. Six of the washing stations are run by women, like the Vughole station, where this coffee was produced.


Women in DR Congo have always taken the lead in coffee production on the farm and processing at mills. In 2020, Coopade began highlighting coffees that were produced solely by female farmers. The move empowered their stance on peace and their refusal to tolerate the violence that has plagued DR Congo. By building sustainable farming communities, more people have the option to turn away from joining armed forces and instead establish stable lives for themselves.


Specialty Arabica Coffee from DR Congo

North Kivu, named for one of the African Great Lakes, has been establishing a foothold on the global specialty coffee map with stunning Arabica coffee cup profiles for the past decade. While the region still suffers from ongoing conflicts, key stakeholders have come together to work towards peace. Their work is motivated by economic and environmental regeneration, and fueled by the production of specialty coffee.


The Virunga National Park in Kivu is Africa’s oldest national park. Many smallholder coffee farmers operate here along the western slopes of the Rwenzori Mountains and highlands of Lake Edward. As one of the last refuges of the mountain gorilla and other endangered species of lowland gorillas, savannah elephants, big cats, and antelope, Virunga National Park conservation is paramount to the survival of its extraordinary wildlife.


Conservation and regeneration initiatives, spearheaded by the Virunga Alliance, include hydro-electric generation and distribution for better access to electricity and increased employment opportunities. Another direction is steered by agricultural programs that invest in smallholder production and market accessibility.


The park is a UNESCO World Heritage site – but it’s in danger. While DR Congo continues to battle political struggles and civil unrest, its citizens look to specialty coffee to boost their livelihoods. A critical cash crop, coffee is integral to balancing food security and cash generation.


DR Congo Green Coffee

The Democratic Republic of the Congo was one of Africa’s biggest coffee exporters in the 1970s. Today, it’s one of the poorest nations in the world. A turbulent history of civil wars, exploitation, corruption, political instability, and an ever-growing population has crippled DR Congo’s development and the quality of life of its citizens.


While DR Congo was historically known for Robusta, DR Congo Arabica coffee is growing in popularity. Thanks in part to an ideal climate and energetic new cooperatives, DR Congo’s coffee industry is poised for growth. In recent years regions like North Kivu, South Kivu, and Ituri have consistently produced stellar coffees.


Photo by Carl de Keyzer / Magnum Photos for the Virunga Foundation


Region North Kivu

Altitude 1900-2100


Vughole Women's Group


Heirloom Varietals, Blue Mountain, Rumangabo




March - June