• Ethiopia
  • November - January

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Washed G2 TOP Lot 2021

$4.50/lb$292.50/65lb box
  • Flavor: Cane Sugar, Lemon, Green Tea
  • Body: Light
  • Acidity: Mild
  • Process: Washed
  • Moisture: 11.40%
  • Packaging: 65lb box
Cup Score: 86
Cupping Date: Jan '22

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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Washed Top Lot

Yirgacheffe is a coffee region that needs little introduction. With a mild climate that experiences a lot of rainfall, Yirgacheffe’s high altitudes produce fruit-forward, sweet coffees that are prized among coffee drinkers around the world. Ancient coffee varietals dominate the smallholder coffee gardens that are tended by farmers who cultivate food crops to maximize the potential of this region’s fertile soil.

Coffee from Yirgacheffe plays an integral role on the broader scale of Ethiopia’s economy, bringing in foreign currency and fueling jobs in the coffee industry and beyond. This G2 Top Lot was sourced in partnership with Beker Exports, an export company with a coffee farm and processing site in Yirgacheffe that oversees incoming cherry from their own farm and neighboring smallholders in the Gedeo zone.

Beker works with smallholders on quality control and washed processing, adding value to the green coffee directly in Yirgacheffe and thus bringing jobs and extra income to people in the area. They also pay premiums and bonuses for every kilogram of coffee, incentivizing farmers with timely and equitable remuneration for their work. The proceeds from each harvest season are critical to families in Yirgacheffe, where money is scarce during the winter months.

Coffee grading in Ethiopia is based on the combined result of physical qualities and cup qualities. Grades range from 1 (high) to 9 (low), with grades 1 and 2 considered specialty. High quality washed coffees from Yirgacheffe like this one often express hallmark characteristics of bright citrus acidity, floral notes, and lush sweetness.


Region Yirgacheffe, SNNPR

Altitude 1950-2150


Beker Coffee Exports, Various smallholders


Heirloom Varietals




November - January