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  • January - April

Mexico Los Altos Tzeltal Washed 2024

$4.75/lb$308.75/65lb box
  • Flavor: Chocolate, Apricot, Berry, Honey, Marzipan, Tea Rose
  • Body: Medium
  • Acidity: Bright
  • Process: Washed
  • Moisture: 11.40%
  • Packaging: 65lb box
Afloat: 652 Boxes
Cup Score: 86
Cupping Date: Apr '24

Mexico Los Altos Tzeltal Washed Unroasted Coffee Beans

The Tzeltal are one of the main indigenous Mayan people living in Mexico. Almost everyone in this highland region of Chiapas speaks Tzeltal as their first language, and they rule the area with their own customs and laws to preserve their traditions and culture. The community refers to themselves as Winik atel, "Working Men".

The vast valleys and hills of Chiapas are home to Los Altos, which lies at 1,600-1,850masl. Rich deposits of marble stone cover the ground in shady primary forests that border the Lacandona jungle. Coffee grows among native species, often organically by default,

In the 2010s, coffee leaf rust decimated coffee production in Central America. Due to Chiapas’ proximity to Guatemala, it was one of the first regions to succumb to the fungal disease but also one of the first to bounce back. Today, Chiapas is leading the charge in innovation and investment to bring Mexico’s coffee production back up to speed. As a result, the renowned region now produces high-quality unroasted coffee beans at even higher volumes than before.

Mexico Washed Green Coffee Beans

Does Mexico have good coffee? The answer is a resounding yes. Production of high-quality specialty Mexican coffee beans is on the rise despite industry hurdles. Smallholder producers are quick to adopt innovative agricultural and processing practices to offer variety in their exports.

What do Mexican coffee beans taste like?

Drinking Mexican coffee is often like enjoying a candy bar in a cup. Mexican coffee beans express a wide range of flavors, but chocolaty sweetness is often a hallmark of Mexican specialty coffee. This coffee from Tzeltal producers in Chiapas features a delicious blend of cocoa, honey sweetness & stone fruit notes with a bright acidity and medium body.


Region Los Altos, Chiapas

Altitude 1600-1850


Various smallholders


Caturra, Bourbon




January - April